Features and specifications of SHAREFUN®

1. Becoming a new habit (new feeling?) A relax wear for your bedtime SHAREFUN® doesn’t tighten your waist, because it has no rubber like other underwear. So by wearing it during bedtime, you would be able to enjoy it to the best. And in the daytime we suggest you to use western underwear. That will lead you to a relaxing lifestyle.

2. Comfortable underwear for people with sensitive skin SHAREFUN® uses high quality fabric.
So we recommend it for people with sensitive skin.

3. Hand-made products, created by professionals Every SHAREFUN® is hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen.
SHAREFUN® is a Japanese traditional underwear which you can feel the hand-made warmth.
‘SHAREFUN®’is a one-size-fits-all product.
(We offer plus size (XL size) SHAREFUN®, which is for people with large waist 110cm~).

Our passoion towards SHAREFUN®

A ‘charming’ life for everyone!
Whenever you’re wearing your favorite outfit.
Whenever you’re enjoying a nice dinner with your closest friends.
Whenever you discover the new ‘you’ by changing your hairstyle.
Doesn’t it make you a little bit happy?
We have produced a ‘fundoshi’, not that it will change our life dramatically, but a one that would make our everyday life a little bit happier.
This ‘fundoshi’ also comes with a naturally soft texture and a feeling of some relaxness.
Not only that is ‘fashionable’, but it also has the power to create a conversation with others by just telling, “Hey, I’m wearing fundoshi today.”
So wouldn’t it be nice to have some friends to ‘share’ this ‘fun’?
I think it’s great. Just by imaging that situation, it makes me feel exciting and joyful.
Come on and let’s enjoy being ‘free’!

What is SHAREFUN®?

Our choices of underwear were limited before SHAREFUN® was produced. Briefs, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts are all great underwear. But ‘fundoshi’, which is made out of linen is completely different from the others. Underwear is something that touches our body directly. So first and most important it should be made out of ‘natural material/fabric’. Not only its naturalness but it also has the function to absorb and evaporate sweat, and antibacterial/deodorizing effects. Therefore ‘fundoshi’ has the ability to work as great underwear. That is why ‘fundoshi’ have been loved and worn since ages ago, and its long history proves its comfortableness. So, after all these years, we have produced ‘SHAREFUN®’, a stylish, fashionable, and casual ‘fundoshi’. And we hope that ‘SHAREFUN®’ would make your lifestyle a little ‘charming’ than before.

Kaze no Linen

Linen (flax) is a clean natural fabric and it has the function to absorb and evaporate sweat. It also has an effect to prevent odor and the increasing of bacteria. The fabric itself has the ability to last long, so laundry machines cannot damage ‘SHAREFUN®’ easily and at the same time stains will come off easily too. ‘SHAREFUN®’ is made out of the fabric, ‘Kaze no Linen’ (linen of wind), which is a high-qualified linen. What makes ‘Kaze no Linen’ different from others is that it is blown in the wind again and again, which makes the fabric soft and special. So people with delicate skin are also welcome to use our product without any worries.

Why now??

‘Fundoshi’, underwear with a long history, has been loved and used since the Edo era. At the same time it carries the image of ‘graciousness’, which is also a sense of beauty that has been carried among Japanese for ages. Japan is a country with high humidity and temperature. Living in such a country, ‘fundoshi’, which has a loose and loose fit with lots of functions, is perfect underwear for your relaxing time. (Ex. after taking a shower or when sleeping)
‘SHAREFUN®’’s design is based on ‘Etchu-fundoshi’, which wraps up your bottom comfortably. This type of ‘fundoshi’ is easy to put it on/take it off, so there are no troubles when going to the restroom too. So most of our customers are enjoying their ‘SHAREFUN®’ during the relax time. But there is no problem to wear it in the daytime too.

Recommended scenes to wear SHAREFUN®

For SHAREFUN® beginners, we strongly recommend you to use it after showering or before going to sleep. We don’t want to have a fight with the boxer briefs or boxer shorts, so we recommend you to wear them in the daytime. But when going to bed, ‘SHAREFUN®’ would be the best underwear, especially when you are tired and want to sleep tight.

How to use ‘SHAREFUN®’

1) Place ‘SHAREFUN®’ in your back and tie a knot in the front, around your waist.
2) Bring the cloth between your legs.
3) Put the cloth through the knotted string and pull it tightly.
4) With a little fix of the cloth and string, it’s done!

How do you do when going to the restroom?

Do not unknot the string. Pull out the cloth in front of you and place it on your back to your shoulder. Instead of placing it on your shoulder, you can also wrap the cloth around your waist.
*Of course, you don’t need to be naked, like in the picture above.


Q. What’s good about ‘fundoshi’ compared to other underwear?
A. The best point about ‘fundoshi’ is that you do not feel the tightness of the rubber, which most of the underwear has. Another point is that ‘fundoshi’ use a type of fabric that breathes, which allows your skin to breathe too. So it helps to maintain a healthy body for you by improving your lymph and blood flow. For ‘SHAREFUN®’ we carefully chose which fabric to use, and chose ‘Kaze no Linen’, the finest linen of all, for most of our product.
Q. Will my back hip show when I wear ‘fundoshi’?
A. No, your back hip will be covered. ‘SHAREFUN®’’s design is based on ‘Etchufundoshi’, which have been used in Japanese daily life since ages ago. The rectangular shaped linen cloth (the part that wraps around your back and front) will softly wrap up your back hip, so it would be an opposite style compared to a thong. Once you wear ‘fundoshi’, you will forget that you’re wearing underwear because of its un-tight-ness so that’s why we recommend this as sleeping/relax time underwear.
Q. Are there any products for women?
A. Forty percent of ‘SHAREFUN®’’s customer are women. There are many women who are stressed because of the strong tightness of the underwear. So most of our customers are wearing panties in the daytime and ‘SHAREFUN®’ when they come home or when they go to bed. ‘Fundoshi’ doesn’t block the blood flow, so it prevents your body from being cold and swell. It is said that we can expect some effects for relieving symptoms peculiar to women too.
Q. If ‘SHAREFUN®’ is made out of linen, wouldn’t it itch when it touch our body?
A. ‘SHAREFUN®’ is made out of ‘Kaze no Linen’ which is the finest linen of all. The craftsmen blow the fabric in the wind again and again, and this process makes the fabric to stay soft and comfortable. Another fact about ‘Kaze no Linen’ is that it becomes softer as you wash it, so ‘SHAREFUN®’ would not cause itchiness compared to normal linen.
Q. ‘Sharefun’ is designed based on ‘Etchu-fundoshi’, but are there any products based on ‘Rokushaku-fundoshi’?
A. We do not make ‘Rokushaku-fundoshi’. ‘SHAREFUN®’ only comes in ‘Etchu-fundoshi’. But we do have ‘Mokko-fundoshi’ designed for women.
Q. My waist is greater than 110cm. It says that it’s a ‘one-size’ product, but would I fit in ‘SHAREFUN®’?
A. Our ‘one-size’ intends for customers with their waist smaller than 110cm. But we have a plus size (XL size) ‘SHAREFUN®’ so please take a look at that page.

Voices from our customers

1.I used to wear boxer briefs and it felt tight around my waist. But after I started to use ‘fundoshi’, it made me feel relaxed and comfortable. There were many colors and patterns to choose from, so that was fun too. I’m thinking of using ‘fundoshi’ everyday from now on.

2. I had concerns about itches caused by panties, but ‘fundoshi’ doesn’t make me feel tightened so it’s really comfortable when sleeping too. I can’t live without it anymore!

3. I never knew that fundoshi was this comfortable so it was surprising. When I tie a knot in the front, it makes me straighten up and feels like my body lightened. So I could sleep well too. I’ve realized how good this product is, so now I’m sharing ‘SHAREFUN®’ to my friends.

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